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Our Local Artist

Bill Pitzer
Bill Pitzer
Ron Gerton
George Dale
John Barany
John Barany
John Barany
John Barany
Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Pat Miller

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John Barney

The Library is now in the Tri-Cities with Mike, 943-0117

Jan. 2014

Ron Gerton, John Barney



Check out Kelly Craig's Log Cutting Jig

Bob Danielson has got some good press about his Cue sticks. Click


Dan that is selling slabs of Russian Olive. I think he will also cut and sell rounds if there is some demand.
call Dan at 947-0390 and his address is 1215 W. 27th Avenue, Kennewick.

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The 2016 Club Challenge

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*An Interesting video on turning. *
Understanding Wood Finishing

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